Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I woke up spiritually while living in Cary, North Carolina.  It was a movie that actually began my journey, The Shift, by Wayne Dyer.  I was so moved by what I was seeing and listening to from Dr. Dyer, that I quickly became a seeker of metaphysical knowledge, attempting to read every book, learn about many crystals, connect to and learn about the angels, learn to meditate and achieve certifications in different metaphysical modalities.

I am a passionate Women’s Empowerment Coach, a certified Assertiveness Coach, a certified Angel Intuitive Healer, a certified Reiki Master practitioner, a certified Archangelic Light Master/Teacher practitioner, certified in AromaTouch Technique, certified in Psychic Development 101, 102, and creator of the series: The Exploration of the Selves: Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Forgiveness, and Self-Empowerment.

A little about me personally, I love to write, sing, dance, and listen to music.  I prefer the companionship of animals over humans and in 2017 I took a leap of faith and moved to Costa Rica.  Everyone thought I was crazy, I thought I was brave.

I live here with my boyfriend...my human companion, and Taco...my dog companion.

What is your favorite service to offer?

My favorite service to offer is Angel Card Readings.  It's amazing to me still now how the cards always tell a story and are so on point with my clients. I can feel my energy change as I feel lighter, more joyful and full of light when I do my readings.